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our Mission

culture & values

We’re here because we want to make a difference and play our part in building the skills that will help us all do a better job of protecting our planet.

How are we going to do that ? We’re starting by creating a full range of courses that help people gain the skills they need to change their own behaviours and actions whilst becoming proactive sustainability champions at work. Our full programme will offer more than 50 courses – some formally certificated, others more like a ‘starter for ten’ on a particular theme of topic.

We practice what we preach. We operate a low carbon office and we employ people from parts of the world particularly impacted by climate change. We share wealth by paying all Blue Marble employees rates of pay correlated to UK universities rather than ‘home countries’ rates.

We’re actively promote inclusivity. We actively promote diversity.


and social learning

We’ve consciously designed our learning so that it brings people together people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We encourage people to share ideas and compare experiences. 

When you join a Blue Marble programme you’ll participate in a number of online seminars as well as competing a programme of e-learning in your own time. Seminars groups can be ‘blocked out’ by a single employer who has asked us to train a group of their employees, but more typically seminar group participants come from a variety of businesses or organisations. Individually privately funded or unemployed and financially supported also participate in our groups.

Facilitators also come form a variety of backgrounds. Professors, post graduate students, teachers, policy makers, scientists, emergency services specialists. We drawn on a wide range of expertise. You’ll find people logging in to a Blue Marble session from all four corners of the globe !

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we're building a portfolio of more than 50 climate change courses.

Rich curriculum


The Blue Marble team is passionate about the environment and dedicated to innovating engaging and challenging learning. 

We use our expertise to create courses that blend e-learning, social learning and tutor lead seminars.  Our course are delivered using architecture provided by Learning Beans.  The assets are artefacts that we create are also able to embedded in a variety of LMS and e-learning platforms and we offer these to a variety of corporate, further education and apprenticeship training providers.

the Blue Marble

Development tEAM

Blue Marble works with a wide range of specialists from around the globe. You'll meet all sorts of people in a Blue Marble seminar or tutorial group - teachers, post graduate students, scientist and policy makers. They're supported by our support and development team in a 'digital back-office'.

Jessica PICkard

Blue Marble Course Convener, Seminar Host, Tutorial Lead  and e-Learning Author

Jessica Pickard

Blue Marble Course Convener, Seminar Host and e-Learning Author

Jessica is a teacher, trainer, author, journalist, researcher and e-learning author with more than 30 years experience. Her job is to convene your course, facilitate seminars and collect your feedback.

Jessica works with Blue Marble learning teams to continually improve curriculum content and e-learning interactions.


Senior Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Author, Activist and Advisor




Simon Greenleaf

Managing Director and e-Learning Author

Simon Greenleaf

Managing Director and e-Learning Author

Simon has worked in education and training for 25 years. He started teaching long before in the internet was a reality. Since then he's worked in Further Education Colleges, SMEs, Charities and 'big corporates'. 

As well as working with Blue Marble, Simon is MD at ABM Training UK Ltd and OTM Apprenticeships Ltd.

Brendan Doyle

Digital Strategist and Ed-Tech Lead

Brendan Doyle

Digital Strategist and Ed-Tech Lead

Brendan is a digital strategist and life-long entrepreneur with over 25 years of digital and tech "Start-up to Exit" experience at board level both in the UK and Europe. Since starting his first online business, he has acted as Director, CEO and Chairman of several leading UK online businesses as well as helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life in the digital space.


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If you live in London and are either unemployed earning less than £25,000 you can complete our courses completely free of charge and gain a nationally recognised qualification.  Start your journey to a career in sustainability here.

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