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UK SMEs Taking Strides in Climate Action, Reveals Capterra Survey



In a recent survey conducted by Capterra, which engaged 269 decision-makers from UK Small and Midsized Enterprises (SMEs), a substantial shift in business practices towards environmental sustainability has been uncovered. 
This study highlights into the growing concerns of UK SMEs about climate change and their active efforts in modifying operational strategies to mitigate environmental impacts. It reflects a rising awareness and a sense of urgency among these businesses, driven by a blend of ethical responsibility, market pressures, and regulatory demands.

The Capterra survey’s key findings include a significant shift among UK SMEs towards environmentally sustainable business practices. It highlights that the majority of these businesses are actively modifying their operations to reduce environmental impacts, driven by a combination of ethical responsibility, market pressures, and regulatory demands. Additionally, the survey emphasizes the growing role of technology and software in implementing these environmental strategies, revealing a comprehensive approach to sustainability among SMEs.

The findings reveal that a significant number of UK SMEs are actively altering their business practices to reduce their environmental impact. This response is largely driven by a heightened awareness of climate change and its consequences. These adaptations are not just superficial changes but are rooted in a deeper understanding of the environmental responsibilities that businesses hold. Additionally, factors like customer expectations and regulatory demands are influencing these shifts, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to sustainability among SMEs.

Key Findings:
  1. Modification of Business Practices: A significant number of UK SMEs are altering their business practices to minimize the impact of climate change. – Nearly two-thirds 64% of respondents said they were already implementing changes. While, another 31% expressed their interest in doing so. Only 5% stated that they had no plans.
  2. Top Reasons for Change: The primary reasons for these changes include environmental responsibility, customer and investor expectations, and regulatory compliance.
  3. Business Response to Climate Change: SMEs are actively responding to climate change by integrating sustainable practices and technologies.
  4. Need for Further Action: Despite these efforts, there’s an emphasis on the need for more substantial action and investment to effectively address climate challenges.
The motivations for change among UK SMEs, as identified in the survey, are multifaceted. Environmental responsibility stands out as a key driver, reflecting a growing recognition of the impact of business activities on the planet. Additionally, investor and customer expectations are increasingly influencing SMEs, as stakeholders demand more sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. Regulatory compliance also plays a significant role, with businesses adapting to meet evolving legal requirements in response to the climate crisis.
The primary reasons driving UK SMEs to change their practices, according to the  Capterra survey, are deeply rooted in environmental responsibility. Businesses are increasingly recognizing their role in mitigating climate change, prompting a shift towards more sustainable operations. Another significant factor is the growing expectations from customers and investors, who are now more inclined towards supporting environmentally conscious businesses. Additionally, regulatory compliance is a crucial motivator, as legal frameworks evolve to address climate challenges, requiring businesses to adapt accordingly.
The Capterra survey reveals that UK SMEs face several challenges in implementing changes for environmental sustainability. These include limited resources and expertise, navigating the costs associated with sustainable practices, and the challenge of balancing immediate business needs with long-term environmental goals. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation, opening up new markets and customer bases, and fostering a positive brand image. Embracing sustainability can lead to future growth and resilience in an increasingly eco-conscious market.
The allocation of responsibility for implementing climate goals within companies varies depending on factors like company size and structure. According to the survey, half of the businesses implementing changes have designated a specific department, such as an ESG or Sustainability department, for this task. Within these departments, 27% have more than one person working on climate goals, while 23% have assigned this responsibility to a single employee. Additionally, 16% of businesses have placed this responsibility on managers and board directors, and 15% have tasked the HR department with these activities.
UK SMEs are showing a proactive stance towards climate change, as highlighted by the Capterra survey. Most are taking responsibility for implementing business strategies to combat climate change. However, achieving the ambitious goal of net zero still requires further efforts. Many respondents acknowledged the need to do more, despite being satisfied with their current measures. This underscores the necessity for continued, more substantial action and investment in sustainable practices to meet the challenges of climate change effectively.

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