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sustainability, climate change and net zero training

Our full portfolio of learning includes simple ‘bite sized’ single theme or hot topic courses through to complex certificated courses that can be competed in six months.

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Climate Change courses

Championing sustainability in the workplace

The Championing Sustainability in the Workplace course’s ambition is to give people who want to help make their organisations greener a basic grounding in the reasons why organisations need to take action and to give you the tools to help reduce or eliminate these impacts and illustrate the potential positive results for staff, your organisation and the wider community. 

Understanding Sustainability

This short course provides an introduction to the key concepts and principles of sustainability and sustainable development. Includes practical advice on how you can make a difference in your own life and at work.

Understanding and PLanning Decarbonisation

Fewer and fewer people these days are climate change ‘deniers’. Most of us accept what the science tells us – that human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is a root cause of global warming. So the question has moved on from ‘is climate change happening’ to: ‘what are we going to do about it ?


DIGITAL LEARNING climate change Courses

Blue Marble’s cutting edge digital learning platform is a fully loaded net zero training LMS packed with learning and development tools: e-learning; participant tracking; assessments and quizzes; live seminars; social learning groups and more. A great platform for delivery our range of climate change courses.


Access cutting edge e-learning resources: written content; interactive exercises; podcasts;  video; assessments and quizzes  and discussion forums.


Meet online with your course convener, graduates, post graduates and peers to discuss core themes and concepts, pitch ideas, showcase your learning, get support and help.


Get 1-2-1 feedback, tips and advice from your Blue Marble tutor regularly throughout your course on Zoom or Teams.

Social learning

Course participants sign into tutor supported peer-peer social learning groups. A great place for exchanging ideas and getting feedback.

new courses in development

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environmental standards and legislation

An regularly updated module summarising the latest environmental standards, law and international law.

Greening the workplace

A deep dive into the working environments of office spaces. How can we make our workplaces greener ?

sustainable transport

What is sustainable transport and how do we start to build the culture and environment needed?

choosing a 'green' car

Hybrid, EV, bio fuelled, Hydrogen? What are the pros and cons of different vehicle drive chains?

carbon footprints & international travel

We love to travel. This course looks at carbon footprints in relation to air, sea, rail and car journeys.


How polluting are different forms of heating and what can we do to decrease carbon impacts ?

Sustainable Water management

How can we better manage our water resources? We look at home, office and industry in the UK and around the globe.

climate change basics

This is a short sharp introduction to thebasics of climate change and global warming.

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We’re building a portfolio of 50 regularly updated courses. Learning content is relevant, up to date and genuinely useful. We regularly collect feedback from all learners and our corporate or public sector clients..

People trust our training because it’s authored by experts, taught by experienced tutors and supported by a team of graduates and postgraduates from around the globe. Our courses are quality assured by NCFE and City and Guilds.  We collect and publish success rates and learning feedback.

I really enjoyed my course and loved meeting new people.

The Understanding Sustainability e-learning was simple to follow, informative and fun. Thanks !

Tammy Santos
Independent Learner


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If you live in London and are either unemployed earning less than £25,000 you can complete our courses completely free of charge and gain a nationally recognised qualification.  Start your journey to a career in sustainability here.

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